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    Update International Politics and Regime Change Info.

    I wrote a blog about Artificial Intelligence society and its problems on my personal blog.

    Risk of Artificial Intelligence/ Data Society


    Experimental Seminar at Shibuya, Tokyo (5/28)

    We will hold an experimental seminar at Shibuya in the end of May. It aims to collect participants' feedback for improving our system. The subject is about conflict resolution, cultural diversity and violence. You can apply for this course on Meetup Page.


    We got Special Price at Junction Tokyo!

    We attended a sustainable track at Junction Tokyo and acquired a special prize from iamtheCode and its founder Marieme, who was honored as Young Global Leader by the Global Economic Forum. Our presentation is here.

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    Information for Future Career, Startups and Technology

    May 7, 2020 · Technology,education,Math
    October 24, 2019 · Politics,education,Case Study,Monetary
    August 21, 2019 · gifted
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  • Method of Independent Learning and Entrepreneur

    Core of Future Education

    - Learn How to Learn
    - Problem Solving
    - Method of Innovation
    - Future Career Building
    - Tips for Studying Foreign Language

    Stress Mitigation of Refugee

    Care for Your Mental by Knowledge

    - Understanding of History of Various Refugee
    - How to Survive as Foreigners
    - International Law for Refugee
    - Various Useful Social System
    - EU Law to Survive

    Liberal Arts in 21st Century

    Inclusive Understanding of Knowledge and Culture

    - Epistemology and Information Literacy
    - Social Trends
    - Inclusive Understanding of Academic Knowledge
    - Cultural Diversity and Anthropology
    - History of Diaspora

    Verbal Expression for Civil Society

    Survival Skills for the Era of Diversity

    - Creative Expression and Humor in Theatre of Absurd
    - Survival Skills for Bullying and Conflict
    - Rhetoric, Discussion, and Consensus Building Skills
    - Critical Thinking/ Writing
    - Socratic Dialogue

    Tech of AI and Related Scientific Background

    Survival Skills in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

    - Minimal AI Tech (Python, Machine Learning, Deep Learning)
    - Minimal Mathematics (Statistics, Probability, and Complex System)
    - Trends of AI and Technology
    - Historical Background of AI and Science
    - Trends of AI and AI Business Community
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    Founder & CEO

    A Data Scientist. After Research, Long Backpacking and Stay in Paris, Started TLL. Love Education, Artificial Intelligence, Anthropology, Complex System. Japanese/ English/ French Speaker.


    International Officer

    A Mathematics Graduate with a Passion for Startup, Math, Education and Design Thinking. Based in Brisbane, Australia. Mandarin Chinese/ Malay / English Speaker.


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