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Entrance Exam for New School of Politics

Creative, Pragmatic, and Critical Thinking Based

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Recent Good Book I Read - Thumbelina

Recently I read a book called Thumbelina by Micheal Serres, a French Philosopher and Historian of Science. He was studied Philosophy of Science under Bachelard. They experienced the big science crisis in the early of 20th century, namely The World War and foundation of math/ physics crisis. After the crisis, we stayed in the same problem for almost 100 years.

Recently, Serres died and which remains his dream to make political school. I put some links of his writings.

A lot of old people talk in this vein. What is unusual about Mr Serres is that he thinks this texting, tweeting, Instagramming world is not stupid. In fact, it is better than the one it is replacing. He considers the information revolution as consequential as the invention of writing (which brought us scriptural religion) and the Gutenberg press (which liberated us from memorisation and brought us Protestantism).

I was speaking recently with Doris Lessing, the writer from London, and she spoke about the idea that there are always unwritten books. Books that we didn’t dare write or that we didn’t have time to write, or maybe it was because of circumstances outside of the book. You’ve published over 60 books. What are your unrealized or utopian projects?



Again, there’s still a problem that I’d like to solve: our political institutions. There’s no doubt that it’s the book that hasn’t been written and that I would like to write.

New Political Institute

Today I had a time and I was thinking about new types of exam for the new political institute. It will be creative, Pragmatic and need deep critical thinking.


- What is the difference between Liberalism and Neo-liberalism?

- What is bribery? Which kind of fund can be called as bribery? If you receive bribery, which kind of risk will be happened?

- What is the difference between real democracy and democratization by bolshevik?

- Which kind of danger will be happened when religion invades politics?

- Write advantages and disadvantages of the ideal of Equality.

- Write problems of indirect democracy. And which kind of political form can you imagine the best to solve these?

- What is Great Purge in communism country? Which kind of stakeholders did it? How did they do it? Which kind of people were victims?

- What is political function of cult in the real politics?

- What are advantages and disadvantages of one world order?

- What is Gold standard? And what is the problem of it?

- Some politicians push ahead with a policy which can be out of law/ constitution by a huge bribery from colonization group. They also cooperate with nuclear group to kill opponents. How do you deal with this problem? (In this case, all domestic courts are already bribed and they do not issue a judgement this political crime.)

General Science

- Which kind of Science & Technology are used for weapon? Describe the attributes of weapons and assumed damage.

- What is the relation between communism revolution and technology innovation?

- Nuclear scientists invented high performance computer to control reality by quantum technology. Which kind of institute and court do you consult and sue for?

- Your professor was suspected to be replaced by replicated clone, genetic modified or transhuman after abduction. How do you confirm his originality? If it is replaced one, how do you deal with this problem?

Communication/ Interpretation

- After you discuss current politics with a person from Roman empire cultural context, how do you mitigate this tension? Which kind of humor can be useful?

- Please explain the differences of communism, liberalism, neo-liberalism for children.

- What is the difference between humor in communism and humor in liberalism? And humor in Roman and Greek?

Foreign Language

- Some political groups try to kill you in your country. In this case, how do you ask help for embassy and international courts? If it is now, which embassy and court is the best for you?

- Currently, many documents and books are language controlled by mystics and army industrial complex because of war-related reason. In this case, how do you search trust worthy information? Especially, which language?

- Roman factions and Comintern try to make next war and unification of the world again. In this case, how do you cooperate with anti-Roman factions in other countries? Write an e-mail for the cooperators.

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